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Advanced Microsoft 365 (formerly Office)

Think you know Microsoft 365? Are you sure?

International Women's Day: Women in Tech Conference 2024

Join us at the 2024 Women in Tech Conference, hosted by the University of Toronto's tri-campus Google Developer Student Clubs in partnership with Microsoft Reactor, ACM-W, Google Developer Group Mississauga, Women Techmaker Ambassadors, Vector Institute, for networking, career development workshops, and panels, and more!

Build with AI: Intro to Large Language Models (LLMs)

🚀 Master Large Language Models: Learn about novel approaches that make the foundations of LLMs, tailored for all levels! 🌐

Study Hub

Chill study session with snacks and drinks! 📚 🎶 🏫

Ctrl + Alt + Activism | Online Activism and Politics

If you have a lack of love for big tech & the government, look no further! Grab your favourite tinfoil hat as we dive deep into the political side of the world-wide-web, discuss the history of online activism, various theories, the history of online politics, historical figures, what you can do, and more!

Intro to React

Learn the basics of React such as components, navigation, states, and more. Plus, you’ll come out of the workshop with a basic portfolio site deployed using GitHub pages!

The hidden power of Google Appscript

Learn how to automate data collection using javascript and google sheets app script API

Graph-orithms! (BFS, DFS, and other graph related algos)

Some of the most common technical interview questions are graph problems! Crack tough graph problems using DFS and BFS templates. Learn about topological sorting and how to apply it with our template!

Hacking and Fortifying Web Apps

Elevate your skills in web application security with this demonstrative workshop uncovering the common vulnerabilities that web applications face. Learn the best practices for coding defensively, how to spot potential security flaws within your code, and build more secure web applications.

An Introduction to Rust

Learn about the Rust language, and why it's so useful

CCIT LLC: UX UI and Figma Workshop

Unlock Your Creative Potential with Figma!

Foundations of Machine Learning 2

🚀 Master Machine Learning essentials: Standard Error, Hypothesis Testing, Regression insights. Interactive, practical, and tailored for all levels! 🌐

Mock Interviews

Our mock interviews are structured to mirror real-life interview scenarios, providing participants with valuable experience in handling typical interview questions, improving communication skills, and boosting confidence.

Solution Challenge Info Session

Solve for one or more of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals using Google technology!


Join us in-person or online for the 2024 U of T CTF competition January 13th and 14th. Students from all skill levels are welcome to attend; come solve challenges, win prizes, and listen to great talks! NOTE: Only RSVP for this event if you plan to attend in-person; otherwise there is no need to fill out this form!

Open-source Initiative 2023

Are you looking for a place to contribute to large-scale projects and create impact? Want to learn or practice your coding skills? Curious about open-source development? GDSC UTM gotchu! We maintain open-source projects from website to chatbots for students to contribute. Students will have the chance to develop features, write documentation, and design architecture for our well-known projects.