Community Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Applying to community projects

A: You need to be in UTM Computer Science Major/Specialist in order to gain CSC392/492 credits to count towards your degree requirements. If you are in CS Minor, you are still eligible to apply, however you might be working on a non-credit project. Every students admitted to our program will have the same access to resources and mentors.

A: We recommend that students at UTSG/UTSC campus to check with their academic advisor to ensure that they can have CSC392/492H5 from UTM to count towards their degree requirements before applying. If you are not able to have credits, we will admit those students based on (1) whether they are in a group, and (2) whether we have capacity to admit them.

A: Usually in the past years, we have 5 teams (so 20 students) admitted to the program. However, we don't have a hard-cut number to admit students, instead we assess students based on their commitment, skills and experience, and teamwork skills.

A: Yes! Please put a note on your application (additional information) so we are aware. Still, we will prioritize students who are taking CSC392/492H5.

A: Yes! Stay tuned for our open source initiative, where you'll gain similar experience working on established community projects!

Winter 2024

UML Mentor

Gain practice with UML

Winter 2024


A platform for local businesses to provide marginalized communities with resources to combat poverty.

Winter 2024


Motivating arid communities to combat desertification through proactive environmental restoration and protection.

Winter 2024

Green Grub

Promoting healthy and sustainable grocery choices through gamification .