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Past Events

GDSC UTM Community Projects Info Session

Have a question about Community Projects? Come to our info session! (Don't have any questions? Come anyway because we'll be sharing some important info)

DevFest Canada @ UTM

DevFest Canada @ UTM 2023 is a tech conference led by GDSC UTM for student developer audiences interested in learning about the latest trends in Google technology.

Foundations of Machine Learning

Learning fundamentals of Machine Learning - Linear Regression from interactive labs with real datasets!

Intro to Git Workshop / OSI Launch event

Learn the basics of git to get started on open source development!

GDSC UTM Info Session + Tabling!

Visit our GDSC UTM booth at the Hexagon Club Tabling event in Deerfield Hall! Join us for games and swag, and learn more about our club's goals, events/initiatives, and how you can get involved!

CSSC × GDSC at Keras Community Day: ML Workshop

Dive into the world of Machine Learning, where we'll unravel the mysteries of CNNs, RNNs, Transformers, and more. 🤯

GDSC × ICCIT Council: Figma Workshop

Unlock Your Creative Potential with Figma!

"I do!": How to create a great proposal

Learn how to create proposals and how community projects works in our workshop

Community Projects Info Session

Have a question about Community Projects? Come to our info session! (Don't have any questions? Come anyway because we'll be sharing some important info)

GDSC @ DeerHacks - Reverse Engineering 101

Want to see how your favourite program works? Interested in hacking games? Learn the fundamental tools & skills to take a look under the hood!

GDSC @ DeerHacks - Origami Workshop

A destresser in which participants create fun origami!

DeerHacks CTF

Join the DeerHacks CTF and solve cybersecurity puzzles with the opportunity to win a Google Home Mini! Are you ready to test your skills as a computer whiz?

Google Summer of Code Info Session

Introduce what Google Summer of Code info session event is and its purpose, which is to provide information to potential participants about the GSoC program and project ideas

International Women's Day: Women in Tech Conference

Join us at the 2023 Women in Tech Conference, hosted by UofT’s Google Developer Student Clubs, for networking, career development, and more!

Web Security - OWASP Juice Shop Workshop

Learn to discover, exploit, and patch an array of web app vulnerabilities with UTM GDSC and MCSS with a hands-on workshop picking apart the OWASP Juice Shop sandbox. Join us in-person or online on March 24th @ 6:30pm to take part!

MCSS × GDSC: Intro to Cybersecurity Workshop

Learn about the cybersecurity industry, jobs, certifications, and take part in a practical hands-on demonstration with GDSC UTM and MCSS. If you'd like to expand your skillset, learn something new, or are simply interested in the field, join us in-person or online on March 10 @ 5pm.

C Basics

Learn C concepts such as: structs, typedefs and pointers, manual memory management, stack and heap!

Make your own Discord Bot

Learn how to code your own Discord bot, and learn about the Discord.js API. Learn how to make buttons, dropdown selections, add commands and event listeners, and even make a Discord game!

Web Scraping Workshop

Learn how to use Python requests, data structures, and BS4 to parse through HTML and find+manage info!

DevOps Workshop

Learn how to use Docker and Github Actions to deploy your applications!

Database Workshop

Learn how to use MongoDB, a NoSQL database, to store and retrieve data in your applications!

Online Reading Week Workshops

Reading week? More like TIME TO LEARN!!! :D

CSSC × GDSC: Backend Workshop

Just wait 'till you see it from the back

General Meeting: "Opening a pandora's box"

"Does ChatGPT do more harm than good?"

CSSC × GDSC: Frontend Workshop

If you can see it from the front...

UX/UI Workshop

Learn the basics of UX/UI in an hour!

U of T CTF Competition - GDSC UTM & UTSG, MCSS, U of T CTF Team

Join us in-person or online for our multi-club CTF (Capture-The-Flag) competition, taking place this January 14th and 15th. All beginner, intermediate, and skilled U of T students are welcome to participate in our security-oriented challenges and talks!